Updated: 30 Aug 2020

Scams & Online Fraud
Top Tips

There’s a lot of it about as fraudsters adapt to the current situation…

If you want more in depth advice on all manner of modern Frauds then click for

Take care, stay safe,

and above all,

be well-informed!

Here are 3 excellent publications from the Thames Valley Police (TVP)

They link to the TVP website so you will always see the latest version:  click on the blue links or on the book images to open in a new tab or page. They are all Pdf files, so you can download them. Click on the links in the publications for further advice and how to report Scams.


Do share this page & these publications with everyone & anyone you know would benefit.

TV License Fraud emails

Free TV licences for those of us over 75 ended 31st July. Do not respond to any emails that appear to come from TV Licensing. They are scams.

Payment requests from TV Licensing will only be sent by post and it is going to take several months to write to everyone concerned.

TVP Little Leaflet.png


Little tip: When someone forwards you a funny joke or picture, & it displays all the email addresses of everyone who’s forwarded it on, then make sure you strip out all email addresses before forwarding. Consider sending to groups of people as blind copy (Bcc).

Better still don’t forward at all – scammers often start these chain emails aimed at a specific audience with a code embedded in the text or image that sends your data back to the spammer. Or the chain email finally comes to a spammer who gains a rich crop of active emails. Active email lists are sold on for big profit.


And thats when your Spam folder starts to fill up…

Little Tip: Before hanging up, tell them you haven’t got a car, computer, house, don’t drive, have no money, pension has long since gone. Tell them you don’t have a telephone & am surprised to get phone calls (!)…

Whatever they’re interested in, they will lose interest & you’ll get less scam phone calls.

Just say it & hang up, don’t ever get into conversation – they then flag you as possibly lonely & scammable.

TVP Little Book.png

   Gloria Hunniford fronts up this book. See what she says in the preface below 


Big scam going round is phone calls & texts pretending to be from NHS Track & Trace asking for details of contacts details &/or payment for having the Covid-19 test. Another is aimed at accusing people going out when they’re in quarantine then demanding they pay a fine.

Another is fake or non-existent PPE.