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Speaker Meetings

The Speaker Meetings take place

at 2:00 pm

on the third Wednesday of each month

15th March 2023

The Wicked Wit of Winston Churchill

Stuart Linford


Stewart Linford visited us in July 2018 with his fascinating talk on ‘The Windsor Chair’, made for years by his family in their High Wycombe factory. 


Many of us were struck by his humour and physical likeness to that revered wartime leader. This time we have asked him to return and talk about the Wit of Winston Churchill in a talk which is packed with stories exploring the virtues and vices of that charismatic Prime Minister. 


This promises to be a very interesting and entertaining afternoon.


We meet live at

St. Mary-le-More Church

in Wallingford town centre.

Future talks:

19th April 2023 - Peter Adamson

A Landmark in Time, the World of Wittenham Clumps

Peter Adamson worked for UNICEF for many years, and with his wife Lesley produced the annual  "State of the World's Children" report and  founded  "The New Internationalist " magazine.


A well-known author, his latest book  ‘A Landmark in Time, the World of the Wittenham Clumps’  explores our locality as seen from the Clumps and has been a sell-out success in the Wallingford area.

Peter lives locally.

Speaker Meetings 2023

Jan  Georghi Markhov & the Poison Umbrella Murder - Paul Barfield

Feb  The Musical Theatre of Gilbert and Sullivan - Bernard Lockett

15 Mar The Wicked Wit of Winston Churchill - Stuart Linford

19 Apr A Landmark in Time, the World of Wittenham Clumps

 - Peter Adamson

17 May  Witty Ditties - Green Matthews

21 Jun   Rome/Palmyra - Dr Paul Roberts

19 Jul    Rationing and Cooking for Victory - Karen & Bret Wiles

16 Aug  Summer Lunch Party

20 Sep  King and Collector - Siobhan Clarke

18 Oct   Mekong - Jim Holmes

15 Nov  British Humour in Postcards - James Taylor

13 Dec  Sax at Christmas - Jonathan Woodhouse


17 Jan  Now you see it, Now you don’t - Bertie Pearce

21 Feb  How SODC will meet its CO2 reduction target - Andrea Powell

20 Mar  How to be a 21st Century Gardener - Timothy Walker

17 Mar  The work of the TVAA based at Benson - Air Ambulance

past Speaker Meetings 2022

Humanitarian Vision    Jim Holmes

How Tropical Rainforests Work    Dr David Jones

Last Supper at Pompeii - Dr Paul Roberts

Charles Darwin and The Beagle  -  James Taylor

Tooth, Claw and Mane - Tom Way

Dr Livingstone, I Presume - Fran Sandham

Honey in History - Graham Harrison

Dress, Dazzle and Display - Siobhan Clarke

A is for Arsenic: the Poisons of Agatha Christie - Dr Kathryn Harkup

The Wind in the Willows - John Ericson

The Bob & Dot Show: A Christmas Entertainment

past Speaker Meetings 2020/21

Wildlife on Your Doorstep  -  Tom Way

Art Inspired by Wine  -  John Ericson 

Music in Art  -  Sophie Matthews

London in times of Shakespear - Tim Barron

House of the Romanovs  -  Siobhan Clark

British Museum Treasures  -  Don Brown

Sing a Century -  Andy Smith

From Barrow to Baghdad and back again  - Philip Caine

Chloroform - Sense and Insensibility - Graham Harrison

Memories of a TV Cameraman  -  Steven Jellyman  

The Land of Giants and Volcanoes  -  Timothy Walker

Remembered, the Commonwealth War Graves -  Julie Summers

The Mitford Sisters in the Cotswolds  -  Muriel Pilkington

600 Years of Christmas  -  Green Matthews

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