Speaker Meetings

Speaker Meetings are live again at last.

And now we meet live at the new venue

St. Mary-le-More Church

in Wallingford town centre.

19th January Meeting - this is going ahead both as a LIVE meeting and via Zoom


The wearing of masks inside the church and during the talk is compulsory. 

All external doors will be open to maximise ventilation - be sure to wrap up warm!

The required Zoom link will be posted here on the morning of the Meeting.

Updated: 17 Jan

The Speaker Meetings take place

on the third Wednesday of each month

16th Feb 2022 – Paul Roberts

Last Supper at Pompeii 

Paul Roberts is a classical archaeologist who holds the title of Sackler Keeper of the Department of Antiquities at the Ashmolean Museum.

He was the Curator of the recent exhibition ‘Last Supper at Pompeii’ at the Ashmolean and he will talk to us about the catastrophic eruption of Vesuvius in 79AD.

This is the third time that his name has featured on our programme with previous appearances having to be cancelled due to the pandemic. We very much hope that his talk will be able to go ahead this time!

Speaker Meetings 2021/22

Sept - Wildlife on Your Doorstep    Tom Way

Oct - Art Inspired by Wine    John Ericson 

Nov - Music in Art    Sophie Matthews

Dec - London in times of Shakespear  Tim Barron

Feb - House of the Romanovs    Siobhan Clark

Mar - British Museum Treasures    Don Brown

April - Sing a Century   Andy Smith

May - From Barrow to Baghdad and back again   Philip Caine

June  Chloroform - Sense and Insensibility   Graham Harrison

July    Memories of a TV Cameraman    Steven Jellyman

Aug   Garden Party   

Sept  The Land of Giants and Volcanoes    Timothy Walker

Oct    Remembered, the Commonwealth War Graves   Julie Summers

Nov   The Mitford Sisters in the Cotswolds    Muriel Pilkington

Dec   600 Years of Christmas    Green Matthews

Jan    Humanitarian Vision    Jim Holmes


16 Feb  Last Supper at Pompeii    Dr Paul Roberts

16 Mar  How Tropical Rainforests Work    Dr David Jones

20 Apr  Charles Darwin and The Beagle    James Taylor

Meeting ID: 856 6229 2939  

  Passcode: 714125

16th March 2022 – Dr David Jones

How Tropical Rainforests Work

David Jones is a research biologist at the Natural History Museum in London. He specialises in rainforest insects and ecology and spoke to us in 2019 about the most dangerous animals on earth. He returns to speak to us about the main ecological processes that keep rainforests functioning and the threats that currently surround their long-term future. All very relevant to our current times.  This is another talk which has been rescheduled more than once and again we sincerely hope that it will go ahead without any further delays.


20th April 2022 – James Taylor

Charles Darwin and the Beagle

James Taylor is the author of ‘The Voyage of the Beagle’ which follows Charles Darwin’s extraordinary and momentous journey aboard Fitzroy’s famous survey ship. James Taylor is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and has a particular interest in marine paintings. We look forward to hearing some of the inside story of this perilous and momentous voyage which proved to be the watershed in our understanding of the development of biological species.