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  Inclusivity Policy  


Thameside (Wallingford) U3A will take every reasonable step to ensure existing and potential members with impaired mobility, mental capacity, hearing or vision can participate as fully as possible in monthly meetings, interest groups and outings. Members should be aware that certain disabilities may prevent participation in some activities.

  • Thameside (Wallingford) U3A has appointed a member of the Committee with responsibility for Accessibility and Inclusivity.

  • Members with a disability can contact the appointed member of the committee to discuss their specific needs and find the best possible solution.

Monthly meetings
  • Monthly coffee mornings are held at Centre 70 which has wheelchair accessibility and a disabled toilet. The Centre is relatively small so members with visual or hearing impairment can mix and socialise with ease.

  • Monthly meetings held at the Baptist Church have wheelchair accessibility, a microphone for Speakers, a reserved front row for the visually impaired, and a disabled toilet.

  • The person in charge of the meeting will identify the evacuation routes and location of the disabled toilets at the start of any meeting.

  • A disabled parking space is available at Centre 70 and Baptist Church.

Interest Groups
  • Interest Groups generally take place in members’ own homes which may prove difficult for members with a mobility or visual impairment. Wherever possible alternative venues will be considered to facilitate members with an impairment e.g. the member with an impairment could host the interest group.

  • Members may bring a carer or companion if they cannot manage without help, and the carer / companion will be covered by the liability insurance provided by The Third Age Trust. The only exception to this is a professionally employed carer who would have to be covered by an individual liability insurance policy.

  • Carers / companions do not have to be a member of the U3A.

  • Carers / companions must be fully responsible for the member at all times and cannot ask another member to support with lifting and handling or toileting.

  • The companies we use for hiring coaches do not have wheelchair accessibility. The committee will monitor the situation.

  • A carer / companion is welcome to support a member accessing the coach but must be fully responsible for their handling and lifting and toileting needs throughout the trip.

  • Further support may be available when assessed on an individual basis.

  • A carer / companion may transport the member to any outing and claim for the mileage at a rate no greater than that allowed by HMRC for tax purposes.


Contact the

Agreed by the Committee April 2020

To be reviewed regularly

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